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Rob Laird
23 April 2015 @ 02:13 pm
"Hey y'all. You've reached Rob Laird. I can't take your call, but leave a message and I'll be in touch."

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Rob Laird
13 July 2010 @ 11:19 am
LINK: Cars backfiring. Bad for soldiers' nerves.
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Rob Laird
14 May 2010 @ 09:04 pm
[With doesntwaltz, a68whiskey, nevergonnamiss]

Rob was awed. And shocked, and ecstatic, and just plain dumbfounded. It was really difficult to navigate all of those emotions at once, and because of this, he was just walking around with this goofy smile on his face, eyes planted on the ultrasound photo as much as it could be. In fact, even now, as they walked up the hall of the Austin home, Rob had the photo held up to his face, same smile locked in place and proceeding to bang - hand - right into a cabinet filled with china, only just managing not to break anything when Leila, with her impressive reflexes, reached out and caught a teacup before it hit the polished wooden floor.

"It has a nose," Rob said in amazement when he paused and turned to look at her, the smile turning into yet another grin. They had opted on not finding out the sex. They had debated it, and even though the sonographer told them she could see what it was, they didn't want to know. It wasn't like they had long to wait to find out, was it? "Look." He held the photo up for her to see, as if she hadn't already seen it as much as he had. They had been wrestling it off each other since they left the clinic, and even ended up in a minor argument about who would drive, neither wanting to so they could hold the photo on the way home.
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Rob Laird
11 May 2010 @ 09:34 pm
[Follows THIS | Backdated to Mother's Day]

Rob tossed his car keys onto the bed and then up-ended the paper bag from the pharmacy he had just arrived back at the Austin home with, tipping out no less than six different pregnancy tests. No two boxes looked alike and he turned to Leila sheepishly. "I didn't know which one to get!" he said, already on the defense of his clearly dorky behaviour. One test they needed, but he ended up coming home with six... and a bag of black jelly beans just because he felt like them. He had stood in the pharmacy for close to an half an hour trying to figure out what one he needed, reading over all the boxes until his head started to spin with potential pregnancy facts. The reading didn't even help in his decision, so he just bought the six most expensive ones, figuring they must be the better options. If he brought them all home, then Leila could figure out which one was the one to go for, but he had to admit, the one with the little screen and not blue lines was kind of cool.

Getting to the checkouts had been a whole other story, too...Collapse )

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Rob Laird
It was one of those days Rob just really didn't want to get out of bed. Not so much a bad day, but just a day he didn't really want to face anyone but his wife. He had them occasionally, where he was content to stick out the daylight hours in an oblivious coocoon just with Leila. They were still stopped at Mike's family home, and probably would be until he got back on his feet a little easier. Now that he was taking the prescribed medication, he seemed to be coping a bit better. But the post-deployment funk had set in a little, and it did have Rob wondering how Leila would feel if he suggested Mike, and maybe even Charlie too, tag along on their road trip. They could get a car and just convoy their way through the rest of the trip. It could be a lot of fun, and maybe what the doctors ordered.

Rob, however, had other things to think about that morning. He was maybe in just a small sulk that Leila still wasn't pregnant yet. No symptoms at all and he was starting to wonder if he was maybe not aiming right or something. Did you have to aim to hit the jackpot. He was still in bed under the mound of covers, the top of his head, one eye, and his nose the only thing visible from under them where he lay on his stomach. He watched Leila by the dresser digging around for something in her bag, perving on her bare butt but actually feeling just a tiny bit too tired for a fuck after going four rounds the night before. "Is it possible to out-fuck yourself?" he asked, the question muffled against the pillow. "I don't even have morning wood. I think something's wrong."

Leila turned to smirk at him over her shoulder, wearing her glasses despite the fact she was still naked...Collapse )

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