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30 May
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rob laird

6' tall | Blond short hair | Green eyes | Southern accent


NAME: Specialist Robert Clinton Laird
SPECIALITY: Artillery Tactics
UNIT: 313 Field Artillery Regiment
BASE: Fort Sill, Oklahoma
HOME TOWN: Little Rock, Arkansas

Rob Laird is a soldier with the US Army, and works as a Tactical Specialist with a recent, lengthy posting to the war in Iraq. He had to leave his wife, Ellie, in Little Rock, Arkansas upon being stationed abroad. Ellie apparently received a phone call inviting her and her husband to join The Race, an illegal and coverted cross-country car race, and signs them both up. She said it's a way for them to get closer and him to relax away from the pressure of being shot at all the time. Rob, who was returning to the US after his unit was sent home, agreed to join The Race as a way to have some fun after the stressful and frightening months abroad. He also thought his military experience and skills could be used to help them win. Believing to have been on leave from the service due to his unit leaving Iraq, Rob returned to the United States to join his wife in the car race, using his beloved white 1979 Pontiac Trans Am. It soon came to light, however, that Rob's unit was shipped back to Iraq and his wife intentionally intercepted phone calls and letters so he wouldn't have to go back overseas. Instead of being on leave, Rob is, in fact, AWOL from the service and at risk of court-martialling.

It wasn't until he saw a news report on the Iraq War whilst in the midst of The Race that he started to think something might be wrong. He finally found a landline telephone to call his commanding officer, who told him of his AWOL status, and that if he did come back he'd face court-martial and charges. Rob is furious at what his wife has done to him and confronted her, angrily telling her that a maximum penalty for going AWOL from the Army could be execution. His loyalty to the service sees him turning himself in to face what he did, though Ellie callously tells him that if he does that, it's over between them. Rob doesn't see there is a choice and returns to face the court-martial, effectively ending his marriage. It soon came to light, however, that Ellie had been cheating on Rob for some time with one of the organisers of The Race and planned to use Rob's knowledge and tactical skills to win (hence why she didn't want him to go back to Iraq), then subsequently leave him to split the money with her lover. Rob was unaware of this when he turned himself over, but with his many military contacts, it's not long after that he found out, being left to face the fact that not only is his marriage over, but his wife had been cheating on him, the job he loves was in jeopardy, and he could be thrown in prison... or worse.


Rob is a Tactical Specialist for the US Army and has been stationed for many months in Iraq. He has a very analytical mind which can sometimes cause him to come across as serious and arrogant, but he does what he needs to do to succeed both in his job and out of it. He is actually a pretty laid-back guy with a cheeky sense of humour, wishing his home life to just be a relaxing place for him to return to after the strain of being at the front line of the war in Iraq. Rob is loyal and has a deep pride in the service for his country. On the face of it, he is just your typical soldier doing what needs to be done to serve and serve well. He misses home, but his patriotic loyalty to his service will always take priority.


[verse] main (rob/leila)

SPECIALITY: Artillery Tactics, Military Siper
BASE: Fort Hamilton, New York

When Rob moved to New York City after being sent to Fort Hamilton upon his personal request for transfer after his personal life blowing up following his involvement in the race, he met Leila Jackson when he ventured out into New York's nightlife. She was working at her cousin's bar in Soho, and the pair immediately hit it off and got swept up in a passionate fling, neither able to get enough of each other. They had a couple of dates, and there was no doubt they fell hard for each other.

Unfortunately, shortly after being promoted to Sergeant, Rob soon got another call for deployment to the war in Afghanistan, ironically on the same day he received notice that his divorce was finalised. He panicked, worrying he would lose Leila when he left for service again and in perhaps a moment of impulse, he came to her early in the morning and proposed to her. He wanted her to know he would do anything to come back to her so they could have more time together, and also wanted an official link between them in case he was, God forbid, hurt or worse in service so she would be notified and not left hanging. He left the choice up to her, and in her own moment of panic, Leila accepted and they eloped to Vegas the next day to tie the knot on 9th September 2009. Two days later, Rob was shipped out to Afghanistan indefinitely.

Since their whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage, neither have regretted their choice and the distance between then just made them yearn for each other even more. Rob was deployed for just over a month before a young Private he was fighting beside made an horrific wrong move, causing Rob to step on an IED and get blown up. He was the only one of five in the vicinity who survived after being stuck out there for days, seriously injured and dehydrated. Leila only had word that he was MIA, presumed dead. He was soon rescued, however, and flown to the U.S. Military Hospital, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany where it was discovered he was suffering amnesia of the events surrounding the explosion, some broken bones, and had to have his spleen removed. He was classified unfit for immediate return to service and sent home to New York on medical leave where he was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the experience. He has vague recollections of lying out there holding the cold hand of his dead mate who was killed in the explosion, but only enough to plague him with nightmares he can't clearly remember upon waking.

His future with the Army remains uncertain, and even within himself he has been doubting whether he wants to return to service. Leila remains loyally at his side, despite the horrific first-hand experience of the pain that comes with being an army wife. Just after Christmas 2009, a military psych assessment saw Rob diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from his ordeal, and also unfit to return to service as a frontline fighter for an indefinite period of time. He was offered a position as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Monmouth in Jersey, but needed to take time to consider how he felt. He and Leila soon decided to pack up his Firebird and head out on a road trip around the USA for their belated honeymoon, which helped Rob clear his head and come to the decision to take the posting in Jersey which would give him grounding for this period in his life. They soon decided to look for a place to live near the new military base where he would begin the role a few months down the track when he was cleared by the military physician. The new location would be closer to Leila's family, and Rob began to finally let himself yearn for the finer things in life away from all he knew of being a soldier. He wanted a nice home with a garden and fresh air, and the young couple came to the decision they wanted to try for their first baby.

However, fate stepped in for them and only two weeks after they began to try the whole baby-making process, they discovered Leila was already an astounding eighteen weeks pregnant, having fallen around the time Rob's PTSD diagnosis came when they had spent some time trying to seek comfort together that had come in the form of "sexual healing". A mix of forgotten birth control and emotions at the time, but the couple were over the moon with the news, much anticipating moving to their new home in Jersey to await the arrival of their first baby in September 2010.

[verse] the little things (rob/fox)

Let the headlines wait // Armies hesitate
I can deal with fate // But not the little things

The Little Things - Danny Elfman

SPECIALITY: Artillery Tactics, Military Sniper
UNIT: 7th Field Artillery Regiment
BASE: Fort Sam, Texas

Fox is shoothetarget and this verse is based on past rp between Rob and Fox in the RPG, etrelibre_rpg, which is now inactive so we decided to draw their universe into their private journals with a bit of tweaking.

Following the canon events outlined above, Rob's court-martial resulted in him requesting a transfer from Fort Sill in an attempt to kick start his life with a fresh start. Not only was the transfer granted, but he was promoted to Sergeant and enlisted with the sniper unit, drawing him back to his old roots after years of working in Artillery Tactics. Now based at Fort Sam in Texas, the change was like a breath of fresh air for Rob, even if his new unit shipped out to Afghanistan just four weeks after he transferred. Between returning from his posting in Iraq to joining the race, getting screwed over by his wife, the court-martial and the transfer, Rob had very little chance of R&R before he was back into it. But he was always in his prime in service and took it in his stride.

However, after a long and hard deployment to Afghanistan for six months, Rob returned to Texas ready to let his hair down and finally indulge in some rest and relaxation. He was mentally and physically drained, leading to his mates in his unit decided he needed to be dragged into Houston for a few days of drinking, dancing and fun. It was on his first night there that he met the elusive Fox, and after sharing very little pleasantries between them, had an intense one night stand, Rob's first sexual encounter in a whole year after his wife had been cheating on him and cutting him off. It was only supposed to be one night, but with Fox's history with Fate, it was any wonder it seemed to be stepping in and telling them otherwise...

ooc information

Rob comes from the Fox TV series, Drive. Unfortunately, Fox cancelled the series after only four episodes were shown. Since then, two more episodes have been shown online. Rob's canon encompasses all six episodes, and his muse form may also include info from further information released by the producers of the show in THIS ARTICLE The producers released this information on what they had planned for the character should the show have continued. Some of it is poignant to Rob, chances are I will explore it in prompts. Rob's background above is also drawn from all six episodes. Six episodes was enough to create some wonderful characters and I'm looking forward to have a place to explore Rob as a character via muse writing and RP.


Rob or his writer can be contacted by leaving a message at his VOICEMAIL POST

être libre rpg

INACTIVE: Rob will enter etrelibre_rpg and arrive in the village following Drive episode 1x06. This episode was only aired online but is important to his canon. He will arrive after he has turned himself in for going AWOL from the Army. Upon his entry to the game, he will have already been on the island for just over two weeks. Rob arrived in his camos with his dog tags on and his five items waiting for him on the island are:

- His Firebird car (which arrives about two months after he does)
- His army pack with bed roll
- His grandfather's army journal and dog tags
- A framed photo of him with his parents
- A daggy old baseball glove his father gave him when he was a kid


This is an roleplaying journal for character Rob Laird of Drive, the TV series. I do not own the character of Rob Laird and I am making no profit from this journal. The character of Rob Laird is owned by Fox. No harm or copywrite infringement is intended. Rob is portrayed by actor, Riley Smith, and this is in no way affiliated to Riley Smith.

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